Menu Plan Monday 11/16

Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and closing in quickly. I am beginning to stress about all of the upcoming events that seem to take me on a whirlwind adventure during the holidays. Next week is my daughters 12th birthday, which I have nothing planned for - I know what a bad mom. And then Thanksgiving, and Christmas then everything in between. Do you manage to get it all done? Are you one of those mom's that other moms secretly despise because you have it all together? I would love some insider tips on how to get organized and make the holidays run smoother.

My weekly menu is pretty basic and kid friendly, since the hubby is away on business right now and I am also trying to clear my freezers. I almost could not get the turkey in my deep freeze - now that is bad!

*Boil chicken, debone, and shred; store in freezer bag for later use in dishes like Tortilla Soup and Enchiladas. Strain the broth and freeze in storage containers.

My menu plan is linked to Check it out to see more menu plans and recipes.

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