Shaun T's Hybrid Calendar Schedule to Get Ready for Transform 20 (aka T20)

Shaun T released this Prep Calendar for Transform:20

Access to the full program will not start until January14th, but until then there are a few bonus workouts you can access IF you purchased early access to Transform:20.

If you would like to try the sample workout click here and press play on the cover photo.

The workout program will be available to all users on Beachbody On Demand April 1st, but for those who want to be the trailblazers and try it out early, there are several options to order the program.

You can order the program bundled with the step/risers or without, you can get just the program materials, and you can also just get the digital access HERE if you already have Beachbody On Demand.

The best deal is this one below. It has 1 year of access to Beachbody On Demand (over 700 workouts), 30 days of shakeology OR the performance pre-workout, Energize, and post-workout, Recovery protein shake, supplements, a shaker cup, early access to Transform 20, the nutrition guide, the getting started guide, the laminated calendar you can hang and track your progress for just $160 until the end of February. Click here.

I highly recommend the step. It is adjustable, very sturdy and with the challenge pack you only pay $2 shipping for everything. The bundle with the step is $214.95 until the end of February. Click here.

Want to look over all of your options? Click here.

Need some guidance? Email me at, or text me at 912-312-2253 during business hours and I would be happy to help you choose the best option for you. I try to save clients money. With any purchase, you qualify to be in our exclusive Team Test group that kicks of January 14th.

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