I am Team Beachbody!

Little did I know that 5 years ago my world was completely about to change. At that time I…
Wanted to die.
I Was so lonely.
I was depressed but hid it from the world behind a smile.
I felt lost being at home after getting my degree and finding myself stuck in the mom role.
I lost my identity and became my husbands social security number with the military.
I felt like I had no worth.
I despised the life I was living.
I was angry and resented having to move and give up a job I loved because of the military.
I had been hurt by so many girls growing up and just wanted a place where I fit in and was accepted.
I had a dream and a vision in my heart to be in women’s ministry.
I was terrified to speak in front of people, so I had no idea how this would happen.
I was spending 10 hours a week working out at they gym just to have community and I would feel empty when I went home.
I dreamed of owning my own business and being an important business woman.
I wanted to contribute financially to take the burden off my husband’s shoulders and also so I felt worthy.
My self-worth was nonexistent.
What I didn’t know was through this 5 year journey I would…
Find a place where I finally fit in and feel loved.
Find my identity and self-worth not in what I do but who I am.
Meet the most amazing supportive encouraging women I have ever known.
Love and appreciate my family!!!
Build a full-time income that has changed our lives and allowed us to do so much more than we ever thought was possible!
Be almost DEBT FREE!
TRAVEL so many places and make so many memories!
Grow in so many areas and believe in myself again.
Be thankful for my life and be more intentional with the important people in my life.
Set goals and achieve them! I have hope now.
Feel strong and healthy.
Be empowering women to change their lives from the outside IN!
And the most important part of it all is it gave me LIFE.
As I write this I am in tears because its so hard to put it into words. Some may roll their eyes and not believe in what we stand for, but I know there are women out there just like me who are crying in the closet just praying for an answer. Praying for a purpose and a passion to make a difference and to feel like they matter. This did that for me and I have seen it duplicate and help other women achieve so much more than just weight loss. We have heart. We have determination. We are changing the world. WE ARE TEAM BEACHBODY!

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