Our 2016 Beachbody Cruise We Earned on The Royal Caribbean Oasis Of The Seas

In March, the hubby and myself drove down to Port Canaveral and boarded the Royal Caribbean Oasis Of The Seas. This boat was HUGE! I mean, WOWZERS! The best part was getting to vacation with so many of my fellow coworkers and know that we earned this trip for FREE plus we earned an added $600 in cash to use how we wanted on the trip, or we could have just pocketed it. We chose to spend it! :)

We got up and did our workout before we headed out for the ship. Then hopped on the shuttle from the hotel. I was so excited. Can you tell?

Our boat is on the right. Its way bigger than the others and it was FULL of Coaches and their guests.

There was a HUGE banner on the side of the boat welcoming us Coaches. It was so cool!!! I still can't believe we filled up one of the largest cruise ships in the world. That is insane!


Onboarding took a little longer than expected. They had us sitting in a waiting area for quite a while. Maybe a few hours. Apparently a cruise employee was tired and threatened to jump off the ship. You just can't make this stuff up people. It wouldn't have been so bad if I would have had a drink in my had. Haha ;) Once we got on, we got our drink packages and the fun began! We stopped at this cool bar/lounge, Bolero's, and ordered a coconut mojito (amazing!!) and a shot of Patron of coarse. 



After our first drink, we were able to head to our room and drop off our carry on bags and stuff then we went out on a look out point to take a few photos. 

This was the first night where we refused to go to sleep. My party girl Layla Edwards keeping me company. Ha! We sure regretted that decision when they started the 5:30 am workouts on the deck. I could hear it from our room because we had a balcony room that was close to the top deck. Lesson learned! Never again will I get a room on an upper deck on a Beachbody Cruise. I like my sleep darn it. 
Heading over on the ferry. They had me sit on this ledge. Not sure why, but it had a great view!


First stop was The Bahamas. Man that water is just insanely blue! Blows my mind. Jason and I decided to venture out by ourselves this day and we took the water ferry over to the Island that Atlantis is on (i forget the name) and as we were walking there and had no idea where we were going, we ended up in the Atlantis MARINA! I was in rich people yacht shock. We weren't supposed to be in this area, but didn't realize it and just acted like we knew what we were doing. No one said anything to us as we just secretly drooled all over these boats. I mean manshions on the water. I mean seriously, these boats had crews on them. They had boats on boats. Absolutely mind blowing. We saw several boats that had people on them and I wanted to know what they did to have that boat so badly. Haha :) But, I wasn't about to go ask them.

So, then we found our way into the hotel and we walked around taking in some of the aquariums and the casino. I had been there before with friends, but Jason had not, so I was showing him around. We somehow ended up walking onto the resort grounds and I am almost positive we weren't supposed to be there. Oops! Breaking the rules :) That's me. Sneaky sneaky. Ha! So we ended up on this small beach on the property, found some resort towels and relaxed for a bit before heading back to the ship. I would love to vacation there someday. #Goals 

Crazy night when they had a big dance party outside. We had to defend our seating area cause peeps kept trying to steal our spots Ha! 


 70's night was a blast! Sad that I didn't a better photo of us that night. I liked my black jumper :)  It was really cool!

We stopped in Jamaica and all of us shared a bus to this beach and hung out for the day. Most of these are Coaches I have grown along side over the last 4 years. They are amazing and we always have so much fun together.

 His happy place. Always eating. Haha! The food wasn't that great, but it was free so I can't complain too much. I felt like Carnival Cruises were more fun and the food is better too. 

 Of coarse since it was a business trip, we had some training and some new product announcements which was AWESOME! It's so fun to learn these things live and in person. It's just so energizing and exciting. This is when the new dance program Country Heat was announced along with some other things.

During the day, we mostly hung out in the adults only pool or Jacuzzi with all these peeps. We laughed, drank too much and had a great time. One day we just sat in a huge lounge chair and snoozed for a few hours in the shade. It was so relaxing! Calgon, take me a away. 

 The ship has a carnival area with this neat carousel and carnival type foods. It was so cool being able to grab a drink or food from almost anywhere. Well, thats good and bad. Haha!

On our drive back to Savannah, Georgia we were so tired from getting minimal sleep, so we decided to stop in Viero Beach, Florida for the night. Overall it was a great trip. Very thankful for the memories and that I get to do this with my hubby. He is my biggest supporter and my rock. I couldn't do this business without his support. 

If you have ever wondered how the Beachbody Coach business opportunity works, I would love to share it with you. It radically changed my life back in 2012 when I fell in love with the supportive community of like minded people. I needed that and I needed the right tools to lose weight the healthy way and I needed a fitness program that would give me results without having to be in the gym 2 hours a day. I am driven and I am taking people with me who want to change the world and make an income doing it. I mentor my Team, provide training and support. I truly love our Team and this company. 

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