Small Bathroom Remodel - Simple & Cheap!

We did a room makeover in this small bathroom.

First, we removed the horrible 80's wall paper. I wish I still had photos. It was not pretty. HaHa!

Then we added join compound to smooth out the wall from the wall paper removal. Jason did a great job with this! 

Next we painted the bathroom - The paint color is Oyster Bay by Olympia at Lowes. 

We replaced the dated mirror and light fixture.

I sanded, primed and painted the cabinets and then sanded the edges to distress it. First prime it, then paint a dark brown color, use an old candle to rub the edges (this keeps the paint from sticking and makes distressing easier) then do a few coats of a cream or off white color. Once dried, lightly sand around the edges to show the brown through the white. 

And, we changed the door knobs.

We took down the old chrome towel racks. I need to get some hooks to put up, but I may leave it as is.

We did purchase white wood blinds, but haven't put them up yet. This will complete the look!

I love the way it turned out and we didn't spend a ton of money. Now, if I can get the kids to pick up after themselves after they use it, I will be a happy MOMMA! :)

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