Order 21 Day Fix Extreme: Available February 2015 with FREE shipping

Beachbody's newest, HOT, workout program is available NOW. It's a portion control nutrition system that will show you how much of each food to eat throughout the day and the workouts will get you in amazing shape. This program is designed to get you ripped and defined in 21 days. If you are wanting to push yourself and take your fitness to the next level, this is the workout for you. It will be discounted in February when bundled with Shakeology for $70 off. It will be available as a challenge pack for $140, That is a stellar deal. It is available as a stand alone program as well, but I strongly suggest ordering Shakeology with it because you need 4 proteins each day and Shakeology will fill one of those requirements. It makes life a little bit easier. Watch the video for more details and insight into the fitness program that will have you shedding fat and getting in great shape.

Ready to order the 21 Day Fix Extreme Essential Kit; Click HERE. Free shipping.

Ready to order the 21 Day Fix Discounted Bundle with Shakeology for $140; Click HERE. $2 shipping

If you are not ready for the EXTREME program, the 21 Day Fix is also on sale.

Canadian Links:

21 Day Fix Extreme $65.85 CAN

21 Day Fix and Shakeology for $176 CAN

Become a Coach (free with challenge pack purchase - click here, fill out form, then add challenge pack and your Coach enrollment fee will be waived.)

Apply for the February 21 Day Fix Extreme TEST GROUP HERE.

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