Insanity workout - day 1

Managed to survive day 1 of Insanity. Its a high intensity cardio, plyometrics, balance, make you want to die, set of workout videos. I did many of the workouts when we were stationed in Maryland, but once we moved away, I didn't think the commute to Georgia was very feasible *giggle So, I did the next best thing - Nothing. I managed to stay busy and just kept putting off workouts. I did squeeze in a few runs -more like walks - and a few Jillian Michael's 30 day shreds, but overall my active lifestyle has consisted more of eating, cooking, did I say eating, cleaning, organizing, well trying to organize, driving kids around, driving pets to the vet, and the list goes on. By the time I get these things done, who wants to sweat? Seriously. Well, I am going to visit I my hometown in a few days and I am pretty sure this has kick started my fitness that a word? Well, it is now. Im now motivated to get moving and tone this body up for the sweet summer sunshine. I know it won't happen in three days, but I can do some damage in a week or two. I will never look like a fitness model; nor, do I want to try. My goal is to simply burn off the 5 lbs I put on over the last 6 months and tone up. Mainly so I can just feel better moods are always better when im doing high intensity cardio workouts. Guess those doctors DO know what they are talking about, eh? So, cheers to day 1. I did the Pure Cardio DVD. Tomorrow, if I can move, I will plan on doing the core cardio and balance or cardio abs. Im not sure yet. But, considering im already feeling the muscle pain monster in my body, tommorow is going to be a painful day. Push through it, right? We shall see.

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