Menu Plan Monday 4/05 - 4/11 (Leftover Ham Options)

I am so thankful for the beautiful spring weather we have been having. My skin has been in serious need of a little color, so the recent warmer weather has me feeling tanner, refreshed and ready to tackle my fitness goals in full force. I have always been pretty active, not by choice, but by necessity. I have had to fight my weight pretty much my whole life, so I tend to go in fitness spurts. I am sure I am not the only person who does this. I know most of us tend to work out around the summer months in order to achieve what we believe is the "bathing suit body". Honestly, I wish our society would ditch the size zero actresses and bring in more real women, so women everywhere can quit trying to achieve the almost unachievable. Maybe with a personal trainer, a chef and the will power of knowing the papparazzi are waiting to snap the worst angle of you and post it in a National tabloid, we could achieve a television body too.

So, I am throwing around the idea of posting a weekly fitness challenge. I think it would benefit me to be accountable to something, but who knows. I have been running/walking more lately and would like to see myself start running more and walking less...but lets keep it real...I am mostly just interested in getting in shape, so my confidence will not dissipate when I have to disrobe at the pool. Enough about working out, let's get to the FOOD. Read on to see what were having for dinner this week and check out orgjunkie for more menu plans and recipes.

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  1. The City Chicken recipe sounds yummy, thanks for sharing it :)


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