Menu Plan Monday 3/08 - 3/14 ~ Better Late Than Never

I found this graphic on what I think is a German or Dutch blog? Neither of which I can understand, but I can understand the graphic and sadly, I can relate. I am sure if you have double x chromosomes you can relate too. My husband has been away all week, so I have been trying to keep everything in check on the home front. Of coarse, my pre-teen daughter has been giving me even more attitude since Daddy is gone, so that has me taking lots of deep breaths. As for a meal plan, I scribbled one down on Monday, but the notes never quite made it to my blog. So, as they say, "Better late than never," right? Here goes....

 Miso Soup and Egg Drop Soup
 Grilled Cheese, leftover Miso Soup, and leftover Egg Drop soup
Black Beans, Cilantro Rice, homemade corn tortillas, sour cream and cheese
 Potato Bacon Soup (threw this together with odds and ends)
 Frozen Pizza
 Baked Penne

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