Custom Orders

This is something I have just recently started doing and have had a lot of luck with. I know its nothing new, but maybe it is new to you. Whenever you want to purchase a sale item and they are out of stock, or do not have enough stock on hand, you can go to customer service and ask them to do a special order for you. It can be as few or as many as you like, but make sure to follow through since it is never good to have a manager on your bad side. Here is an example of a larger order of wipes I purchased using a special order. Wet wipes were on sale buy one get one free, or basically they were $1.10 each and I had .75 coupons (my store doubles up to .99). I did a special order for 40 wipes and was able to use 40 coupons to get them all free (Ask if its okay to use your coupons in advance just so you not run into any problems later).

It was very simple to do the order. All I had to do was write down my name, phone number and the items I wanted. They called me when they were ready and I came in coupons in tow and paid for them on the spot with my coupons. It was so easy and I left with a big grin on my face.

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