November 17th ~ Golden Corral Military Appreciation Day

Monday, November 17, 2008 from 5 - 9 pm @ all Golden Corral Restaurants.

The free “thank you” dinner is available to any person who has ever served in the United States Military.

The dinner is being offered to active duty soldiers, reservist, National Guard, and retirees.

If you wore the uniform, you earned the free meal! Those of us who serve or support those who serve know all to well the sacrifices soldiers make and the lack of benefits they receive. Most police officers receive more discounts than soldiers, which is pathetic in my opinion and my father and 2 of my grandfathers were police officers. I believe our military members should get the same discounts police officers get everyday because they give the ultimate sacrifice. Both soldiers and police officers put their lives on the line; therefore, why does only one get the discount? If you do not believe me, the next time you go to a restaurant ask if they give a discount to police officers and then ask if they give one to military. You will be astounded.

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