Mint Chocolate Pudding Pops

Here is a tasty, easy and fun treat you can whip up in a jiffy and let the kids help.
This recipe is adapted from Kraft Food and Family Magazine's Cookies & Creme pudding pops recipe.

1 pkg Chocolate Instant Pudding or 4 packs of Jell-o instant pudding singles
2 Cups Cold Milk
6 Keebler Mint Cookies - they are similar the the Girl Scout Thin Mints YUM!
1/2 Cup Cool Whip, extra creamy tastes the best

Using a large bowl, beat pudding with milk; whisk for 2 minutes.
Place mint cookies into a ziploc bag and crush them with a meat tenderizer, hammer, or whatever you have close by.
Add cookies and cool whip to pudding. Stir gently until blended. If you fold in the cool whip it will have a swirled effect.
Spoon mixture into 9 small paper or plastic cups. Use a large ice-cream scoop to make this go faster.
Insert popsicle sticks into the cups to make the handles. Freeze 5 hours or until firm.

Tip: To remove the pops from the cup. Place the bottom of the cup in a bowl of warm water for about 15 seconds. Push up on the bottom of the cup and the pop will release.

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